Reflective Journal II


It was my first time to make a DMC project-video presentation.when I saw the request,I immediately remembered my physics teacher in my high school.He affected me a lot.His PPT was easy to make.I frequently use photograph and sentence to describle his appreance and character.On the country,I got into trouble when I recorded video.Microphone of personal computer was broken and app to edit video didn't work.After many useless attempts,I had recoeded video with smart phone.I didn't clip my video.
Improvement of my writing skill and ability about PPT is what I have learnt.After seeing other'work,I realized enough innovate is essential for us.Besides, video presentation is more beneficial for our comprehensive quality. Finally,I don't like or hate this homework.To be honest,it gives me a kind of feeling that I come back to the past and write passage in primary school.