Reflective Journal III


When making a digital story, I identify my own material first, and I choose a film that impresses me the most.I collected video materials from various sources and used Jianying to assemble them.Adding transitions and adjusting subtitles are simple operations for me.Secondly, for a digital story, adding music makes the audience more interested, so I added some soothing music.
In this production, I deeply felt the difficulty behind those video clips. A small digital story made me only learn how to present a common and simple story in a relevant context, and I could not reach the professional level of a post-editor.
I think the biggest challenge for me is to connect multiple video clips, which should conform to the script order and achieve the natural effect of connection. This is really a challenge that tests patience.Secondly, adding subtitles is also very challenging for me, and the grammatical structure and duration of subtitles need to be constantly improved.
DMC is a very useful tool for teaching, but also a good way to exercise students' hands-on ability, in addition to education, DMC certainly has a wide range of applications in other fields and a good future.
I hope there will be more small operations using DMC, so that we can skillfully operate and use DMC.