Okey, I meet some awkword situation on this weekend, I go downstairs to get some drink water when I get up early for thirsty. But I forget my key on my desk in house. When I back and found the room was locked, It's 8:00 a.m.

I found some ads around, trying to unlock the door imitating internet tutorials, put the hard ads into door crack. One time, two, three... Finally, I gived up, sliding down, sitting over floor, feel so sad, so anxiety, having no idea how to deal with that.

Maybe I only have two chooses. Either taking a phone call with unlock service number on the around wall, which have a very much expensive and unnessary price, or just wasting the whole morning, waiting for the roommate to get up. OMG, I know he would never get up early on weekend, but I still try to im him on social media. Am I lucky today?

Yes, fortunately, I still could connect the Wi-Fi out the door. So with beginning, I drank some water and start browsering the phone. Yet this did not last much long time.

So boring I am. It's weekend today, okay? Why I was still looking this stupid and meaningless phone, just like I was still on work. Then I decided to hang out around, or just want go to toilet. 😂

Weather here was not hot on early morning, but you still can feel their strong through sunshine. I walked on the street, with unshaven face and messy hair. And I found, most shops is not opened in 9:00 a.m. including libary. Maybe latter. I am losing patience.

After that I eat breakfast, with two egg, thinking where I should go in this no-friend big city....

Finally I walked under a building nearly. A cybercafe, with computer, air conditioner, I think they must be a good place killing time, instead of cafes, library. There are no such commercial shop on the edge of city.

So I played some no need internet game, watched some vague anime video.

Sounds peace, right? but I cannot take it. The people neared me were smoking, shooting when they they game over, no care for around. The conditioner was very cold when an hour passed. On the noon, I was thirsty, the drink sold out, the takeout is expensive as well. So I leave afternoon.

Although I get a PC on the cyber cafe, what things I could do is still limited, I cannot access contents I liked. Pass the firewall and get connect is not free, they're annoying and more expensive when you have nothing. It's so pity and, f*cked. That was I decided not do on cybercafe, and then write this article here.

Get the gun

The share address is:


The extract password is proxies.

Get the bullet

The share address is


The password would not be public! Get your own please.

Just remember please, legal first, or don't caught you out.

Having a nice shoot gun day.