區塊鏈節點和錢包:透過選擇適合自己的區塊鏈節點來發布智慧合約,同時還需要一些錢包管理工具,比如 MetaMask 錢包等。

瀏覽器整合開發工具:V+++Mrsfu123為方便智慧合約 DApp 的開發和除錯,同時可以使用一些瀏覽器整合開發工具,如 Remix 等。

前端框架:在實現 DApp 前端介面時,需要選擇一個適合的前端框架。當前比較流行的前端框架有 React Vue Angular 等。

根據StepN的設定,使用者在進入遊戲前,需要先擁有一雙“跑鞋”NFT。I35遊戲7O98開發O7I8 在遊戲中,初始提供的跑鞋有多種,每一種跑鞋都有對應的“效率”和“舒適度”屬性,這兩個屬性將會影響到玩家後續從運動獲得的通證數量。當然,越gao.級的跑鞋屬性就越好,售價也越貴。玩家可以根據自己的需要來直接購買,也可以購買一個盲盒,從中隨機抽取一雙跑鞋。

Game mode

solo mode

In single player mode, users are equipped with NFT sneakers and earn tokens by moving. Obtaining green Satoshi tokens (GST) requires energy. Every 1 minute of energy is equivalent to 5 minutes of movement and energy earned, and replenishment only begins after the user obtains NFT sneakers. Firstly, the user selects the Sneaker they have selected and then presses Start.

The user should see a status at the top of the screen indicating whether they are walking or running.

Moonwalking: If the application detects weak GPS/Internet signal or if the user is not naturally moving (i.e. using an electronic scooter or belt phone on their dog), this message will be displayed. During Moonwalking, no GST will be earned, and users may/may not lose energy, depending on the specific situation.

GPS signal: white - no GPS; Red GPS poor; Green - Powerful GPS.

Make sure you have energy before moving, as if your energy is zero, you cannot obtain tokens.

GST/GMT will be paid for every minute of movement, depending on four main factors:

Sports Shoe Types - The basic GST return for each sports shoe varies. Please refer to the section for a separate breakdown of each type of sneaker.

Sneaker's efficiency attribute - the higher the efficiency, the more GST earned per minute. Users can only earn GST from level 0 to level 29. At level 30, users can choose to continue earning GST or switch to earning GMT. Users can freely switch between these two revenue modes.

The comfort attribute of sports shoes - the higher the comfort level, the more GMT obtained per minute. Users can choose between GST and GMT revenue at level 30. Users can freely switch between these two revenue modes. For detailed information on the GMT release, please refer to the section. The higher the comfort level, the slower the HP attenuation. Please refer to the section for details.

Sports speed - In order to maximize profits, users should maintain within the optimal speed range of their respective sports shoes. Whenever users fall below or above this range, their revenue will decrease by up to 90%, depending on the speed difference from the optimal range.

Once the energy is depleted, users will stop earning tokens. They can choose to continue tracking their actions or manually exit single player mode by briefly pressing and holding the stop button.

Mysterious Box

The Mystery Box is a trophy box that will randomly drop when you move in single player mode. It includes GST and gemstones (level 1-4). Each user has 4 mysterious box slots.

The mysterious box has 10 qualities. After receiving the mysterious box, you need to wait to open it, and the countdown will automatically start. After the countdown ends, they will spend a small amount of GST (basic cost) to open it. The countdown duration of the Mystery Box increases proportionally to its quality.

Marathon mode

In marathon mode, users need to register under the Marathon tab at least 24 hours before starting. There will be weekly and monthly marathons.

Weekly Marathons - These marathons are held once a week and last for an entire week. Users can choose to participate in 2.5km, 5km, or 7.5km marathons, but can only participate in one marathon at a time.

Monthly Marathons - These marathons are held once a month and last for an entire month. Users can choose to participate in 5 kilometer, 10 kilometer, or 15 kilometer marathons, but can only participate in one marathon at a time.

Only successfully registered users will receive notifications in their Quest Log (Under Development). Users can use the goal setting function to track their progress. After completing the specified running distance, users will be notified through the Quest Log that the marathon has been completed. Before the marathon ends, users will not be able to repair their sports shoes.

Registration fee

To ensure the user's commitment, a certain fee will be charged during registration and refunded after completing the marathon. Participants who fail to complete the marathon race within the specified time will be charged a unified fee and included in the ranking rewards.

Leaderboard (upcoming)

Marathon participants use points for ranking. The points are calculated based on the user's running speed and Sneaker attributes.

Rewards (under development)

The top% on the weekly/monthly marathon leaderboard will receive GST/GMT prizes and the Gold NFT Badge (TBD)

The top% on the weekly/monthly marathon leaderboard will receive GMT prizes and Silver NFT Badge (TBD)

The top% on the weekly/monthly marathon leaderboard will receive GST prizes and Bronze NFT Badge (TBD)

All marathon participants will receive the NFT participation badge.

Background mode

Although not actively using the STEPN application, users will be able to continue earning GST. As long as the user holds sneakers in the application, the backend mode will directly calculate the number of steps from their mobile device's health data application, with a daily limit of 3000 steps. These incomes are fixed (not affected by efficiency or other bonuses) and will not be included in the daily GST limit.

Users will not incur durability or energy costs when making money through backend mode.

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