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What is STEPN?

STEPN is an application built on the Solana blockchain that combines social networking and fitness with a web 3.0 lifestyle, while supporting iOS and Android.

In STEPN, users own NFTs in the form of sneakers to obtain game tokens GST and governance tokens GMT by walking, jogging, or running outdoors. Tokens can be used in games and monetized for profits.

Characteristics of STEPN

1. Participation Method - Purchase NFT,

In order to participate in STEPN games, users must purchase NFTs in the form of sports shoes through Solana Wallet in the app market, etc.

2. Strong relevance to reality

Many NFTs are not strongly correlated with reality and have little help in real life. But in STEPN, not only can you exercise through games, but you can also obtain cryptocurrency (GST) from exercise.

It also supports exchanging game tokens GMT with other virtual assets (SOL, GST, etc.) within the application, which is highly practical.

3. Rentable

STEPN has an NFT sports shoe rental system, such as the Axie Infinity Scholarship.

Due to the current floor price of NFT sneakers being 8.2SOL, users without sufficient funds may not be able to make purchases. Therefore, users with abundant funds can rent their sneakers to players who want to own them in the game, thus benefiting.

The tenant and the tenant player will reach an agreement in advance, and the lender will generally receive 70% of the GST token profit, while the tenant will receive 30% of the GST token profit.

4. Dual token system

There are two main currencies used in STEPN: GST and GMT (Green Metaverse Token).

When we use virtual running shoes to exercise, we will earn a game token called "GST". This game token has no upper limit and can accidentally lead to inflation. Therefore, a good game also needs to design token consumption scenarios appropriately, so upgrading shoes, producing small shoes, trading, etc. in the game also requires consuming GST.

And what's special about STEPN is that it also has an upper limit on the number of cryptocurrencies available, "GMT," as the governance token for its projects. In this way, the project party can allocate the consumption of two tokens in the game to maintain the stability of the currency price.

STEPN's shoes

1. Types of shoes

At the beginning of the game, we need to purchase a pair of shoes. STEPN has 4 types of shoes to choose from, and you can choose according to your usual exercise habits.

Walker walking shoes (speed 1-6 km/h)

Jogger jogging shoes (speed 4-10 km/h)

Runner running shoes (speed 8-20 km/h)

Trainer versatile shoes (speed range from 1 to 20 km/h)

In general, the faster the shoe, the higher the yield. The basic benefit of walking shoes at optimal speed is 4 GST/1 energy consumption, while the basic benefit of jogging shoes at optimal speed is 5 GST/1 energy consumption, while the basic benefit of running shoes at optimal speed is 6 GST/1 energy consumption, while the basic benefit of all-around shoes at optimal speed is 4-6.25 GST/1 energy consumption.

2. Properties of shoes

Each pair of shoes has four attributes, namely Efficiency, Luck, Comfort, and Resilience.

Efficiency: The efficiency value affects the speed at which GST is earned. The higher the efficiency value, the more GST can be obtained by consuming the same unit of energy.

Luck: Luck determines the frequency of airdrops for the mysterious box, and once the rental function is opened in the future, rental shoes also have the opportunity to receive airdrops.

Comfort: The comfort attributes are being redesigned and are still in the development stage.

Resilience: Sports shoes will gradually wear out their durability during use, and toughness will affect the maintenance cost and the decay rate of durability. That is to say, the higher the toughness, the less likely the shoes are to break, and the lower the maintenance cost.

3. The rarity of shoes

Except for different types and attributes, each pair of shoes has its own rarity in classification. They are Common and marked in gray; Uncommon, marked in green; Rare, marked in blue; Epic, marked in purple and Legendary, marked in orange. The rarity affects the attribute values of sports shoes and is randomly distributed during casting. That is to say, even sports shoes with the same rarity may have significantly different attribute distributions.



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